Once upon a time on 3rd December, 1973, a girl was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her parents were hard-working and did not have much, but they had love.

For the first 18months of her life, she had two dining chairs as her bed, but not much else.

After her father took a risk and migrated to Australia in 1975, with nothing but his young family and $50USD in his pocket, the young girls’ life changed forever.

She knew she was poor and from a migrant family and throughout her entire schooling years, tried to fit in, but never could. Sometimes she lied so she could gain friends, sometimes she lied to her parents so she could see a friend.

It was a tough upbringing, but she knew she was meant for more.

Throughout her twenties she lived life β€˜existing’, pleasing everyone else but herself. By the time she was 30, she made a massive change in her life, and decided to live life on her terms.

She had no idea what would lie ahead…but she was so naive about life, how to handle money, she trusted too much and β€˜thought’ she knew about life.

She didn’t.

When she turned 35, she found herself losing everything except for her car and the clothes on her back. She found herself alone and having to rebuild.

She filed for bankruptcy and took on the valuable lessons life gave her because she knew she was meant for more.

She found herself running, for therapy, and soon after began running half marathons & marathons and making new friends. She was finally feeling herself.

She was finding β€˜herself’. Her true self.

This is when she met her soulmate… Olaf. He saw her with her failures, her warts, her hurt and her aspirations. And still he loved her.

With Olaf by her side, she continued to discover her path, because she knew she was meant for more.

She aimlessly worked through her sales career and even though she was successful, she was not fulfilled.

In 2015, they welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Alfie. Soon after a friend introduced her to a brand new world. A world where people could build businesses from home with quality products. A world where she found herself surrounded by like-minded people.

Network Marketing.

She started to learn about the profession, totally immersing herself in becoming the best version of herself. She was constantly failing. Many times she felt like quitting, but still, she knew she was meant for more.

They welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Georgie in 2017. And it was 2 weeks after Georgie was born that she decided to β€˜Go Pro’ and stopped playing small.

She is not perfect. She hurts. She fails. She says the wrong things, but she loves, she cares and she is learning to laugh more.
She has cried, a lot.
And she is learning to love herself more and more. Every single day.

She has lost friends she never thought she would, and walked away from opportunities that have taught her great lessons.

Three years later, she is not only a speaker, Ambassador and coach for the best trainer in Network Marketing…..

She is now an author.

Yesterday, she received book 1 of the 4 part book series she is part of to uplift the Network Marketing profession, designed to level up the profession and help ordinary people wanting to get started.

She is emotional as it’s finally hit her.
The work.
The sacrifice.
The commitment.
It’s all leading her to where she wants to go.

Her truth path.

She is ME.