Hi, I'm Elsa!

You might wonder how I have achieved the results & the success but it has taken almost a decade of constantly learning, growing & investing in myself that has lead me to today.


I was born poor. I had two dining chairs for my bed for the first 18 months of my life.

Poverty has been a part of my family, and it was not until my forties that I really understood that.

I filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after the Global Financial Crisis and lost everything except for my car and the clothes on my back. It was a humbling experience that would shape and mould me for the rest of my life.. I made poor choices which led to that decision and looking back it was the BIGGEST blessing of my life.

It was what has helped me transform, heal, evolve, and create the life I live now.

Right now…. I am the owner of a GLOBAL coaching business. I coach women all around the world, empowering them with tools, resources, information, and knowledge to help them create the life they want.

I am married to my best friend and soulmate and have two incredible kids that I love with every cell in my body.


I have been in the online space since 2015.

I came across the online world in 2015 when I purchased a product that helped me lose the last of my baby weight. I then discovered how to make money online when people began to ask me how I did it. It was really that easy.

And that is how everything changed for me.

During my first 3.5 years in the online space, I did it all wrong. Seriously.

I had no idea about marketing, I had no idea about branding. I did not know how to lead myself let alone others and I had no systems.

I was going around and around in circles.

I had no idea what I was doing.

It not until after the birth of our daughter that I had realised that I was not as committed as I thought. That I was inconsistent, and I was not applying myself for someone who had BIG lofty goals.


It was at this moment that I decided. I decided to do it the right way.

I owed it to my family, our dreams and more importantly, to myself.

I decided to get serious.

I committed to investing in myself, learn exactly what I had to do and implement what I learned from proven blueprints. I learned from people who had achieved what I wanted and more, and I became obsessed with implementing and growing.

I decided to get better in my skills to become the best business owner I could be.

I committed to getting better in Sales, Marketing, Branding so that I could help more and more people achieve their goals.

I started to see progress, then results and this made me realise that the only way to achieve results is to learn, implement and continue.

This is how I achieved growth and started to build consistency in all areas of my life and business.

I started to achieve breakthroughs ✅

I experienced the results I wanted ✅

I started to see the income potential ✅

I earned trips, bonuses and spoke on stages around the world both virtually and physically ✅

In 2018 I retired myself from my Corporate Career and have not returned since.

As a result from learning what I did, my life changed forever.

I then had people asking me how I was building my business.

Of course, I thought this was common knowledge and everyone knew.

They didn’t ❌

After successfully building multiple 6-figure businesses, and helping others achieve results, I knew that I had systems, knowledge, and information that others needed to build successful, profitable businesses.

And I felt obliged to share, to teach, to coach and mentor women building businesses so they too could achieve results.

I then started to see the possibilities to impact more people. I saw the opportunity to create programs and systems to help others and that way others could win.

So I took a chance on myself, again, and this next decision has changed my life and thousands of others.

I created my own company “The Queenie Effect” in 2021, with a vision of impacting women around the world through my coaching programs, events, and book collaborations.

A women’s empowerment company.

Soon after, I launched my Legacy Academy coaching programs, and have achieved over 7-figures since we launched as well as helping over 400 women achieve breakthroughs, personal bests, increases in incomes, as well as help others build and achieve 6-figure and 7-figure businesses.

But I will not stop there. We are just getting started.

You see, I have a BIG VISION. A vision to leave a lasting legacy.

I have a desire to impact 1,000,000 women. That’s my desire, what I see in my mind every day.

And we will achieve this.

We will do this by giving women access.

Access to strategies to help them build their business, information that will help them grow personally into the version that will achieve the results, and tools to keep them accountable and master their time, mindset and energy as they expand their business, life and wealth.

At the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy is my Legacy 3-Step System which I freely give away to help all women get started to build their businesses the right way.

And that is just one of the many systems and strategies we provide to our clients to achieve their results in business and in life. It is for this reason that our programs that are available for women are seen as “Best-in-Class” programs for women.

Coupled with this, I have launched a publishing arm in my company, “The Queenie Effect Publishing to promote, advocate and showcase women’s stories around the globe. We have published two books “Unstoppable Volume 1” and “Unstoppable Volume 2”. Both books became international best sellers within 4 hours and were both numbered in over 21 categories.

I have spoken on hundreds of stages, both physically and virtually, sharing my story, message, and strategies to continue inspiring women around the globe.

I launched my podcast “The Consistency Queen, which has already achieved top 1 percent in the listen score, which monitors millions of podcasts around the world.

I have been featured in numerous global publications, including Forbes and Yahoo Finance.

We have been able to create a 7-figure property portfolio and continue to expand this to show others what is possible when you accept responsibility for your life, your actions and you commit to becoming better.

None of this would have been possible had I not decided to change my life.

My mission to impact over 1,000,000 women through my coaching programs, events and book collaborations will happen and I am hoping that the next female is you.

You are here for a reason and if any of my story resonated with you, I invite you to connect and lets gameplan your next steps towards achieving your desired life and wealth that you see for yourself and your family.

I can help you!