The Best-In-Class Coaching Program for Women who want to get “Unstuck” and learn how to build their business with proven systems


I invite you to join Altitude, work with me and implement what we teach.

You will learn proven systems that work.

You will know how to build a profitable business with social media strategies that build your following and loyal customers.

You will learn how to master your time.

You will learn how to master your mindset.

You will learn how to show up as the next level version inside of you and expand into the “Unstoppable” business owner that you are.

  • If you have a desire to build your business authentically with proven strategies;
  • If you have a desire to build a business the right way and you are consistent, persistent, and motivated;
  • If you are ready to prioritise yourself and work on yourself to create the life you desire;
  • If you are tired of quitting on yourself and you want to know what it feels like to keep going;
  • If you want to uplevel in your life, surround yourself in a community of positive, heart-centered, powerful women who are on a mission to serve;
  • If you are ready to show up, you are ready and you know that now is the time, to make the decision.


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and you can change the ending”


“New found credibility and strength in every area of my business and life. Income has increased 200%, to four figures, heading to 5 figures monthly again. Just do it! I can’t un know what I now know, therefore I know, if you do the work daily, success is inevitable.”

Agi M

“If you are looking to develop a business that truly is a business, serving others, and create a lasting legacy, Elsa is a true Leader and Coach, here to Guide you on how to accomplish your goals and create a life filled with passion and service!”

Janet S

“You have to let go of all excuses if you want coach Elsa to be your coach; she does exactly what she speaks about; she is an incredible leader who is passionate about seeing other women succeed. Her program is proven that it works and it will work for you too if you take action and implement it.”

Bwalya D

What you will learn:

Crafting your vision to get clear on what you want

How to set goals and translate them into daily activities to work towards your goals

How to master your time so that you can build your business and have time for family and your own personal interests.

How to develop a success mindset to help you navigate challenges

Our proven Legacy 3-step system to build your business every single day

How to connect with new people and cultivate your friendships

How to master your income-producing activities: new conversations, follow up, and closing

Learn how to become confident at presentations so that you can convert sales more often

How to identify your limiting beliefs, work through them, and conquer them once and for all

How to use your past challenges as a way to help more people

How to identify your past core wounds so that you can choose modalities to help you heal from your past and be free from the pain that has held you back for so long…

And so much more….

Client Testimonials:

When you join Altitude, you get access to:

Total value of over $80,000

(Altitude is less than 10% of this value!)

Meet Elsa, Head Coach;

I have experienced a huge transformation in my life….

I was born into poverty, I had two dining chairs as my bed for the first 18 months of my life

I am a university dropout

I have been divorced

I have filed for bankruptcy after the Global Financial Crisis

I used to value labels over life, which led to a poor money mindset

From 2009, I decided I would get my things in order, starting with my mindset.

I did not know it then, but what was coming into my life was far beyond anything I could have dreamed of.

I had to rebuild my life.

I had to do the inner work

I had to remove what was not serving me and start working on what would.

And as a direct result of me committing to that, I met my soulmate Olaf in 2012

We had our first child in 2015, and I desperately wanted to spend time with my son and leave my 20-year sales career forever.

This was when my life changed because I did not know it then, but purchasing a weight loss product form a dear friend helped me to discover a brand new world….

Building a business online…

Since then, I failed forward. At first, I thought I knew it all, but after almost 3 years of going around and around in circles, I became coachable and learned exactly what they did from my coaches so I could produce the results I wanted.

I learned how to build 6-figures businesses, build teams, manage time, master my mindset and get clear on exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I traveled the world presenting on stages, earned trips that I took with family, earn bonuses for cars, and built a business that changed our family’s life forever.

I decided to launch my coaching business in 2021, after being sick and tired of seeing “gurus” teaching strategies that really did not relate to women over 40 building businesses. Women over 40 are different. They think differently, they speak differently, they move differently… and you are here because you know it is time. You are ready to change your life.

Are you ready to join me, and thousands of other women and change your life??