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🌟🌟 A Story 🌟🌟

Once upon a time on 3rd December, 1973, a girl was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Her parents were hard-working and did not have much, but they had love.For the first 18months of her life, she had two dining chairs as her bed, but not much else.After her father took...

what the Corona….

Well, its been a couple of weeks and I apologise for that as quite frankly, life just landed on top of it's head and bazinga... we are facing a pandemic. i feel like we are living in somewhat of a movie having to be almost 24/7 in my house outside of the morning...

Social Media Detox

So today I am going on a Social Media Detox off Facebook and Instagram. Tomorrow I will be completely off the grid. In fact this is going to be harder than what I think it will be. I am so used to having the phone at the hip. But being present with my children and...


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