People often ask me WHY I would give up my career in Corporate to start all over again.

To start from scratch.

To unlearn what I know, to re-wire my brain.

Those who DONT know me would instantly think it was money. And yes, for me money is a blessing. It gives you choice. The more money you can make, the more you can do.

And the saying is true, money makes you more of who you are.

So I’ve recognised that in the past, I would at some point start self-sabotaging my journey, but this year… a switch has been flicked.

I recognised that whilst having Time Freedom is powerful…

I mean I get to hang out with who I want to hang out with.

I don’t HAVE to be anywhere I don’t want to be at.

I don’t answer to anyone but myself…

… the reality is….. My path has been one of Fulfilment. This is what I am about. And I’ve only really discovered that this year.

When I’m fulfilled, I do great work.

Which is why my business is meaningful. I am helping a lot of people break through and create shifts with an incredible product. Both in results and in income.

But more importantly, I’m now creating income where I can really start creating some major waves in this world…

And it’s my path and purpose to create an impact on thousands, and perhaps millions through Service and Contribution.

If it’s fulfilment you are seeking, continue chasing it. I’ve lost two friends in the past three weeks – both my age- and let me tell you…. NOTHING has given me more of a kick up the back side than that.

Hey, I’m 45… I have two children under 5… I have had plenty of failed relationships… I’ve worked in multiple jobs… I have been bankrupt.. lived paycheck to paycheck… I was sick for 6 months last year and have bounced back…. DONT ever ever ever think you CANNOT recreate or create the life you want.

You current situation is not your final destination.

The power is within you.

And if I can do this, I am sure as Hell sure that you can too.

having a coffee at 10am reading my personal development book