Well, firstly… sorry for not showing up. I must confess that 2019 was incredibly challenging on many levels.

We moved north to Noosaville in QLD after Olaf was given a package Whilst it has been extremely rewarding – we purchased an investment property, we (Olaf & I) faced many truths about where we were at and the amount of support we needed. We have had to make some tough decisions about what we need and will be making some changes shortly.

My business has grown exponentially – not without any loss. I lost a lot of friendships as I have grown into the leader I am becoming. I broke a major limiting belief in June/July which forced me to look inward and I realised some habits that I was forming and made a decision to change.

I received recognition that forced me to level up. I realised that recognition on an industry level means that you need to definitely the responsibility of leading people – even those who you are not directly linked to financially. It really is an eye-opener and one that has really allowed me to channel some inner work to further level up.

I travelled over 7 times internationally and it has been both rewarding and challenging, juggling to be a wife, mother and business owner, but I love it and I would not change a thing.

SO…. I have some huge announcements coming soon. Some life-changing for me personally, others about impacting others.

ALL in ALL…. I can honestly say that I thought 2019 was the year that changed everything for Olaf and I and the kids.

It’s not. It’s 2020.

I know that already.