Oh boy, what a month, what a week, what a day.

February has been such a month of growth for me. I am not surprised after coming back from an impactful event in Las Vegas, I knew that I had to step it up. I have been playing waaaaay too small.

I remember a 7-figure mentor coached me 2 years about about marketing and how I really needed to level up. He said to me back then that Video content and Audio were the trend. I listened but I didn’t implement. Since then I have just watched many skid by me in terms of meaningful content and I have just watched.
and watched.
and watched.

Until this year. I can feel a huge shift and I know that I really need to get uncomfortable and just create meaningful content designed to add value and inspire people to take action.

So, today I launched “The Queenie Effect”. This podcast is about my journey, the learnings’ i have learned along the way and my current journey of entrepreneurship.

I am so super grateful for the people around me. I am grateful for for all of the experiences and the people who have come and gone and stayed and left.

One thing is for sure, i am on this massive trajectory of growth and I’m just going to go with it and see where it takes me.

I’m not ready but I’m ready for the growth.

Til next time.

Elsa xx