It took me a good three years to understand this, but I am here to serve.

So many people start off in my profession wanting either a transformation as a customer… have a customer experience, or they want to make an extra $300 plus to make ends meet.

For me, I really wanted to lose weight. It was only when a good friend reached out to me and told me about a product she was using, that I decided to give it a go, especially as it came with a money back guarantee.

I soon discovered the potential of my profession when I saw people earning 6 figures and 7 figures and staying at home with their families and travelling around the world.
I was already feeling stressed out at going back to work and not seeing my young son who was less than 6 months old because I had to go back to work.

I decided to look into how I could earn income. I can honestly say that some companies do not set up their field to win. And if I knew then what I know now, I would definitely not build the way I did back then.

I have learned that the key to success is to serve. When I decided to take myself out of the equation, it all came together. literally. My goal is to leave people in a better position than when they first met me.

It’s taken me a loooooong time to achieve this mindset, but to help people and in a big way is what drives me to get up and play as BIG as I do.