Well, its been a couple of weeks and I apologise for that as quite frankly, life just landed on top of it’s head and bazinga… we are facing a pandemic.

i feel like we are living in somewhat of a movie having to be almost 24/7 in my house outside of the morning exercise walk i take.

still it has been an incredible time because in the past I would have retreated and just binge watched Netflix.

Now, with a different mindset, I am extending myself to STRETCH!! I have been challenged by my 7-figure mentor to create content. To do more. To be More. To be the light. To be the Leader to so many people who need it right now.

SO I have totally levelled up my activity this month.
I launched my Podcast series
I have started on IGTV
and i have had regular conversations with &-figure earners.

I have also submitted by first drafter of my chapter for my book with a NT Times Best Seller… amongst other things.

My goal right now is to extend myself and to really level up in my profession and to showcase my leadership.

I mean, I am going against the grain. Yes I will stand out. I know that Yes some people will probably think I am insensitive, however time and time again my mentors have been telling me to level and just not be afraid to do all the things.

Yes it’s scary.
Yes it is something I have not done before, but I will not achieve what I want to achieve if I don’t do something different.
I am really stretching my leadership right now with the aim of leveling up our profession, be an ambassador and educate the masses about the power of what is possible.

Having the children at home full time has been interesting LOL and Olaf is home too, but we are adaptable and we just wing it. We have to, these are extraordinary times.

I am loving where I am at right now and am so looking forward to helping a tonne of people.

Be strong.
Stay Home.
Have Faith.
Keep confident.

We will all be okay.