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About Me

My mission is to help as many people transform directly or indirectly through my influence and my own style of ‘No BS Coaching’.  I see far too many people not know what they are wanting out of life. My assignment is to trigger people into action. I am here to course-correct people and align them with their life’s purpose.

My vision is to directly impact millions of people. My message will influence and impact people via the way of my home business, my coaching business, my books and speaking engagements. I will travel the world and impact people directly through events or via charities that I will contribute to. My legacy will live on for generations.


“If you are SERIOUS about your goals and up-levelling in your own life, then it’s time you hire a Coach who isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what is required to do so.”

“Coach Elsa has a BIG heart and trains with her whole soul. She gives her all and then, a whole lot more”

Elsa has a gift for helping people dig deeper than they believe possible and truly recruit themselves 200% into their business