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Two strategies to level up your game

I often get asked about how can someone get out of their "feeling stuck zone"... well firstly, feeling stuck is a choice. I have found that when I have felt that way, I am either telling myself stories that are not true which result in me NOT taking action, or I am...

There, I said it!

You know what I find interesting....People who have an opinion on how people are, act, live, or just are...I am finding people are very quick to make judgement on others, with little or not understanding.Any whilst people are entitled to their opinion and allowed to...


Remember, that at any stage, you have the power to change your life.If youโ€™re not happy where you are, you can change that.. today.Make a decision.Stick to it.Design a plan that you will commit to, every single day, even when it gets hard.Execute.And donโ€™t stop til...


Once upon a time on 3rd December, 1973, a girl was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Her parents were hard-working and did not have much, but they had love.For the first 18months of her life, she had two dining chairs as her bed, but not much else.After her father took...

3 steps to create an immediate shift in your life

I speak to a lot of people every day and one thing that they tell me is that they are unhappy with where they are. And many often tell me that they want to get uncomfortable but when I give them the plan... the hesitate.It's interesting to me because I KNOW that...

what the Corona….

Well, its been a couple of weeks and I apologise for that as quite frankly, life just landed on top of it's head and bazinga... we are facing a pandemic. i feel like we are living in somewhat of a movie having to be almost 24/7 in my house outside of the morning...

Social Media Detox

So today I am going on a Social Media Detox off Facebook and Instagram. Tomorrow I will be completely off the grid. In fact this is going to be harder than what I think it will be. I am so used to having the phone at the hip. But being present with my children and...

The Launch of “The Queenie Effect”. What does this mean???

Oh boy, what a month, what a week, what a day. February has been such a month of growth for me. I am not surprised after coming back from an impactful event in Las Vegas, I knew that I had to step it up. I have been playing waaaaay too small. I remember a 7-figure...

I walked out the door, and closed the door to my life.

Have you ever wanted to walk away from everything you have ever known and close the door?Like truly walk out with nothing but the clothes on your back and just start afresh and claim your new life??? I did exactly just that almost 20 years ago. I was in a relationship...

The name of the game is serve…..

It took me a good three years to understand this, but I am here to serve. So many people start off in my profession wanting either a transformation as a customer... have a customer experience, or they want to make an extra $300 plus to make ends meet. For me, I really...


“Seriously hard for me to share this! ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธโฌ‡๏ธ

But I am eliminating my excuses and doing whatever it takes to stay accountable.

I have never got back to my weight before having my daughter…I put 20kg on when I was pregnant and have let lazyness and bad habits take control over the years.

I’ve “tried” so many times to lose the weight and keep it off…to rebound right back again. I’m sick of it!

I want to be confident enough to wear a bikini to the beach, wear my favourite size 8 jeans again, get my pre-baby body back!

I’m all about biohacking and doing what works for YOUR body. For me it’s low carb/keto and intermittent fasting with my current routine.

A huge thank you to Elsa Morgan for making this journey the easiest I have ever had.

My first week results have been insanely good!ย I’ve lost โฌ‡๏ธ2.3kg (5lb) and โฌ‡๏ธ11.5cm (5.2″) all with low exercise, no cravings, enjoyed yummy meals out at restaurants!

Watch this space!ย #BiohackedBody

Karen M

“I’m experiencing all of these!!ย  I NEVER sleep through the night but guess what?ย  Last night I slept all night and awoke at 5:30am!!!!ย  A first for me!!!ย  Down another 4lbs and I killed it at the gym last night!!!”

Angela M