Here are a collection of some kind words spoken by people that I have had the privilege of working with.



“If you are SERIOUS about your goals and up-levelling in your own life, then it’s time you hire a Coach who isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what is required to do so.  I made a commitment to my own personal growth and worked with Coach Queenie, Elsa Morgan for an entire year.  During that time, I experienced a pivotal shift within my business and within my own heart.  She was instrumental in casting the vision of what is possible for me, if I simply got out of my own way and take the steps necessary on a daily basis.  For this, I’m extremely grateful and so happy I say YES to building a better ME…because really, don’t we all deserve it?  Thank you Elsa for believing in my greatness, even when I didn’t clearly see it myself.  Love you!”




“When I met Coach Elsa I was inconsistent, unfocused, apathetic, and frankly on the verge of quitting my business. I did not have a daily system that I followed. I had lots of head trash and really didn’t have a strong “why” anymore. Coach Elsa began with a very simple system just to get me into consistent daily activity. She listened and intuitively knew where to go. She pushed me with lots of Tough-love. I’m not gonna lie! It got really uncomfortable. But I am happy I pushed through and I stuck with her. Coach Elsa has a BIG heart and trains with her whole soul. She gives her all and then, a whole lot more.”



Mariela Q

 “This testimonial really begins when I was six years old. This is the story of an immigrant girl from Honduras who was brought to the United States by her single mother for a better life. She stayed home alone in a strange country because her college-educated mother had to work cleaning houses and had no car. This little girl figured out how to do homework and projects on her own because her mother did not speak English. (She later found out her mother gave up taking English classes because she did not want to leave her home alone late at night.)
It’s important to me that you know the beginning, because it is the reason why I am here today. My mother. She is my reason. Our past is my reason.
Years into my mom being in network marketing, she tried to convince me to join her, but I denied her time and time again because I refused to be THAT person going from door to door doing something that was bringing little to no results.
It wasn’t until I went through a life-changing experience in 2016 and attended an event for my mom’s company that I realized for the first time, I really did have a way to make an impact in this world, and that was through network marketing. But I knew I did not want to do it the way mom was doing it up to that point.
Before joining Rank Makers, I was absolutely lost with my business. I had no clue what to do and I could not relate with the way my mom was doing her business. One time I even went four months without making any money. Yet, I spent hours on end watching training videos on how to do the business and thought I needed to have a perfect branding before I could, “start for real.” This included hiring someone to build a personal website for me and create business cards. I never ended up with a business card template because I was looking for the perfect copy and images to go on it.
In mid-2018, I noticed someone from my company started doing Facebook lives and I immediately payed attention to it. I figured she must have some sort of mentor and I needed to get to the bottom of why she was suddenly doing live videos. Then, in November 2018 I saw an ad on Facebook about a 14-day challenge which consisted of doing Facebook live videos. I immediately put two and two together and just knew this Ray Higdon guy must be who she was following. So, I signed up and became part of the founding class of the now famous 14-Day Challenge.
After doing the challenge, for the first time ever, I felt confident in my ability to do my business. I knew I wanted more, so I joined Rank Makers. Like on pref night during sorority recruitment, I knew I was home when I saw first-hand what RM was all about.
Listening to Ray, I realized I was overcomplicating everything, that I didn’t need to have a perfect plan, that all I needed to do was reach out to people and follow up.
For the first time, I had a prospecting goal and started prospecting cold market on social media. This allowed me to gain 6 new online customers. I participated in other #14DayChallenge and became consistent with doing Facebook lives and bringing value to my audience. Soon, I was having more valuable conversations with my warm market.
In April 2019, I auditioned for Play to Win and was chosen to participate. In thinking what to say on my audition video, I realized my mom was my why. I had seen all the sacrifices of an immigrant in this country who doesn’t speak English yet continued to persevere in her network marketing business. It was thanks to that audition video I realized how blessed I was for speaking English and having the opportunity to learn from well-known mentors in the industry. If it weren’t for Ray, I wouldn’t have been able to find guidance in the business. And it was there, in that video that I spoke into existence for the first time, that my dream was to help Latinos who don’t speak English reach their American Dream using my network marketing business as a tool to help them get there.
During the Rank Makers Live 2019, I had the opportunity to see my dear friend, the same one who inspired me to do the first #14DayChallenge, on stage being recognized as a rising star. That was a pivotal moment for me. I pictured myself on that stage next year looking out into the crowd and telling my mom in Spanish, “lo logramos” (“We did it!”) and then I dared to dream a little bigger and saw myself on many stages.
I knew in order to turn that vision into a reality, I needed to join Inner Circle so I could be stretched into even more growth. The first few calls with my coach Elsa Morgan were tough. I’ve always been a positive person, but I didn’t realize how much I needed to work on my mindset and truly believe in my success.
I was having a difficult time balancing my fulltime job while being a single mom to a very active 5-year-old boy and trying to build my side business. I was playing the victim until one day Elsa told me, “Every time you don’t work on your business, you’re telling your son, ‘I’m not willing to get uncomfortable for you. You’re not worth it.’” That was all I needed to hear to realize I needed to stop playing small.
Over the following weeks, Elsa and I worked on my mindset and how to be a better marketer on social media. Through her coaching I have:
Increased my social media followers and connect with more people by being more intentional with my social media channels, including what I post on my feed, post on stories every day and updating my “about me” sections.
Faced my fear of openly say I am in network marketing and talk about it comfortably.
Improved my relationship with money. I LOVE MONEY now, and I’m not afraid to say it!
Increase my prospecting and follow up numbers. I would have never had weeks where I prospect 100+ people without Inner Circle.
Established a DMO that works for me and allows me to build my business around my daytime job and my son.
Improve my posture when prospecting.
Received an invitation to do live translation for my company’s global rally to the Latin community which had more than 500 Spanish attendees.
Enrolled my first team member in three years back in May and welcomed and additional two in June.
Created an onboarding process for new team members.
Gained 21 new online customers.
Tripled my volume in June, making it the highest month I’ve ever had.
Received an invitation by my company’s North America team for an interview in Spanish in our company’s public Spanish Facebook page. The interview marked the first of a series of interviews highlighting rising young business owners and “the next generation” for the company.
Worked with my mom on her personal growth and she has also seen a boom in her business. During the quarantine, she started using Ray’s scripts and be more active on her social media including stories. I have to admit, her stories are not perfect as she sometimes puts the words over her face and doesn’t know how to move the copy, but she does it anyway. She had gone more than a year without signing anyone up and during this quarantine, she has already welcomed three new team members. I have never seen her this confident in herself or her business in the more than 15 years that she has been in network marketing.
All my and my mother’s growth is absolutely thanks to Inner Circle. The massive growth I’ve had in my personal and business life would have not been possible without my coach Elsa. I needed that one-on-one guidance and someone to bring center stage the BIG VISION I’ve had in my heart for years. It was scary to dream big and visualize things happening for me.
I cannot put into words how much Inner Circle has changed my life. I could have had any other coach, and I know they would have been great. But it was part of God’s plan for Elsa to be my coach. She genuinely believes in my vision to help the Latino community, and I absolutely love that. My mom loves Elsa because she speaks Spanish and has been able to personally thank her for all that she’s done for me and essentially her. For us. And we’re just getting started!”



Marieke G

“I had the enormous privilege of being coached by Elsa Morgan aka Coach Queenie for the past year. Elsa has a gift for helping people dig deeper than they believe possible and truly recruit themselves 200% into their business. During the time that we worked together I added more than 100 customers to my business, and more than 20 business partners. The impact Elsa had though was so much bigger than just the numbers. She coached me through massive transformations on a personal level and helped bring me to a place where I was ready to be mentored by one of the top leaders in my company. I will be forever grateful for the impact Coach Queenie had on my business and my life. She is a gift to the network marketing & coaching industry.”