“Empowering High-Performing Women to Amplify Their Income, Expand Their Influence and Create a Global Impact, from Vision to Brand”



This is the Ultimate Program for women on a mission to serve and impact in every area of their life as they build a successful, profitable business.

Infinity is about excellence, expansion, presence, and a “knowing” that you are destined for greatness.

Infinity is not for those who want a result just now… it is for those who desire to be remembered for generations, break generational curses, and commit to doing the work so that future generations benefit.

Infinity is about being “The One”, the one that is called. That one that changes everything.


“New found credibility and strength in every area of my business and life. Income has increased 200%, to four figures, heading to 5 figures monthly again. Just do it! I can’t un know what I now know, therefore I know, if you do the work daily, success is inevitable.”

Agi M

“If you are looking to develop a business that truly is a business, serving others, and create a lasting legacy, Elsa is a true Leader and Coach, here to Guide you on how to accomplish your goals and create a life filled with passion and service!”

Janet S

“You have to let go of all excuses if you want coach Elsa to be your coach; she does exactly what she speaks about; she is an incredible leader who is passionate about seeing other women succeed. Her program is proven that it works and it will work for you too if you take action and implement it.”

Bwalya D


About You:

You are a powerhouse in her own right: a high-performing female entrepreneur aged 40 and up, who has built her own service-based business, is generating a minimum of $10,000 per month, or is a seasoned professional in your career.

You are not a dreamer; you are a doer.

You have already achieved significant success, but you want more—not just for yourself, but to break generational curses and set new standards for your family and future generations. You are the generational curse breaker.

Your Desired Goals

You are clear about what she wants: to cross the 7-figure income mark and beyond.

It is not just about the money but the freedom, impact, and legacy that come with it.

You want her success to reverberate through generations, altering the trajectory of your family and everyone you meet.

You want more than success; she wants to be significant.

You seek ways to optimize your business, make data-driven decisions, and strategically invest in growth areas.

Your current struggles

While you have achieved commendable success, you have hit a ceiling.

It’s not a glass ceiling imposed by society; it’s a ceiling you have imposed upon yourself due to mindset issues.

Despite your accomplishments, you struggle with limiting beliefs about your capacity to earn seven figures or more.

You battle with impostor syndrome, second-guess your decisions, and sometimes even question your worth. These mental barriers have tangible effects; they hold you back from taking calculated risks, exploring new opportunities, or branching out of your comfort zone.

Infinity is for you because….

Infinity offers a unique blend of immediate breakthrough opportunities and long-term strategy alignment.

We help you shatter those self-imposed limitations by identifying identity-based habits that need realignment.

Our program is designed to give you the strategy for upscaling your business and the mindset recalibration needed to achieve and sustain that growth.

We recognise that success is an ever-evolving process. By committing to work with us, you’re not just investing money; you’re investing in a continuous process of self-actualization. Our coaching goes beyond tactics and strategies; it’s about evolving your identity to match your aspirations.

We’re not just about helping you make seven figures; we’re about helping you become the kind of person who makes 7 figures repeatedly.

If you’re ready to invest in your evolution, then you’re the client we’ve been searching for. You’re not just making an investment; you’re making a declaration that you are ready for exponential growth and a legacy that outlives you.

If you are a high-performing woman, ready for your next elevation, Infinity is for you.

This is not for those who want answers for now. This program is a high-level, transformational program for those ready to learn and implement. You are ready to uplevel and start working towards your mission, your purpose, your expansion.

What you receive when you enter Infinity….

This year-long program is designed to map out your plan to start building your Legacy business.

We will work on three key areas to help you get clear on your plan and your focus:

Attract: Your Message, Your Avatar, Your People

Action: Vision Casting, Your Plan of Action, Executing the plan

Accelerate: Mindset, Wealth, Lifestyle


When you enter Infinity, you receive:

      • Dedicated 1:1 personalised strategy & coaching with Elsa Morgan
      • Dedicated client portal housing your infinity journey
      • Tools, Apps, CRM’s and accountability to keep you engaged in on track in your journey.
      • Homework and strategy to implement as you are held accountable throughout the program.
      • A Goal-Planning, launch session at the beginning of your program to map out your milestones and expectations throughout the program.
      • You will have access to world-class trainers & coaches through Masterclasses every two months to expand your knowledge.
      • Two client intensives every 6 months where you will do deep dives into strategy to help you accelerate in your business.
      • Monthly reporting to highlight your activities and help you adjust your progress.
      • Strategies to uplevel in your life across mindset, wealth creation, business, family, personal goals, happiness and impact
      • A personal branding session to help identify gaps in your messaging, your social media strategy and your ability to target your avatar.

And so much more….


Total value of Infinity program…. Over $100,000 USD